Camper Medication

In order to help us ensure that we have proper records for each camper, please complete this form by Saturday midnight prior to the camper week your child will be attending.  Please include on this form both prescribed and over-the-counter medications that your child will be bringing to camp. (All prescription medications must be in an original bottle and properly labeled. Please bring the medications in a ziploc bag labeled with your camper's name.)


Also, please indicate on this form your permission for our health services staff to administer over-the-counter medications as needed for your child.

Camper Medication


Over-the-Counter Medication

If permission from a parent/legal guardian has been given, the camp staff has been authorized to administer the following camp-provided OTC medications on an as-needed basis. Check “yes” for any medications you give permission for the camp staff to administer:


Camper Medication

(Prescription and Over-the-Counter)

Medication 1


Medication 2


Medication 3


Medication 4